7 Logical Reasons for Cats to Spray in the House

Spraying is a very bad habit in felines and more so because it pollutes the environment in the house and there is an utmost need to clean the house again and again resulting in drudgery for the cat owners. Although this is a common problem faced by cat owners a majority of them are still not aware of the exact reasons for cats to conduct this behavior.

So, let us explore the possible reasons for cats to spray in the house.

To mark their territory

Cats are territorial creatures and so they have the habit of marking their territory through spraying. When an outside cat does this thing it means that she considers the area to be hers. While an indoor cat will urinate in areas where she thinks that part of the house is hers.

When felines are in heat

Cats are generally very good at smelling things. They get easily attracted to the odor of the spray. Cats in heat spray to divert the attention of male cats towards them for mating. The only way to resolve this situation is to get the cat spayed.

Due to sickness

If your kitty is sick, she will spray in the house signifying change in toilet habits along with throwing up after eating, not eating at all or behaving abnormally. If you find anything unusual with your feline take her to the veterinarian immediately for a check-up.

Presence of another cat in the household

If you have just adopted another kitty there would be a sense of competition amongst the felines which would make the feline spray outside the litter box to show her discomfort towards the new family member.

Moving or changing the litter box

If you have moved or changed the litter box it is time to let the feline know about the change by putting them on the litter box a number of times so that they get habituated with the change and do not spray in the house.

Shifted to a new house

If you have moved to a new house the feline will not be aware of the litter box position and the new surroundings hence, she will spray in the house. Hence, take the cat to the new house a couple of times before the actual move, so that she becomes aware of the litter box position.

Old age

Once a cat is more than 9 years of age her joints can become stiff and painful with cloudy eyesight. She could lose control over her bladder and bowels. This is the first thing to note when your feline is old and sprays outside the litter box.

Cats are wonderful pets that love to keep themselves clean. Hence, when your feline is spraying in the house, it is important to contemplate on the reasons for this odd behavior because cats normally do not urinate outside litter boxes unless it is a genuine cause for concern.

I love cats and have researched a lot about their behavior during my tenure at CanadaVetExpress. Having a feline at home gave me nightmarish experiences when she started spraying in the house. Hence, in my bid to educate my fellow cat owners I have tried to integrate possible reasons for this odd behavior by kitties.

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